Dec 3, 2014

Nathaniel Branden Has Passed Away (1930-2014)

The Objectivist Chronicle would like to report that Nathaniel Brandon has passed away.  According to The Huffington Post:

One of the most fascinating, and perhaps controversial figures, of modern America, Nathaniel Branden, died this morning in Los Angeles after a long illness. Dr. Branden was 84. He was known as a close associate of Ayn Rand's and the father of the modern self-esteem movement. He is preceded in death by Barbara Branden, his first wife and Patrecia Branden, his second wife. He is survived by his wife Leigh Branden, former wife and friend Devers Branden and nephews Jonathan Hirschfield and Leonard Hirschfield.

He became well known for his psychological works regarding self-esteem:
His 1969 book, serialized in previous years in Rand's newsletter, The Psychology of Self-Esteem helped launch an interest in the issue of self-esteem. This was followed by other books such as The Disowned Self, Honoring the Self, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, Taking Responsibility and The Vision of Ayn Rand
It is the Objectivist Chronicle's hope that Objectivism, as a philosophy, continues to make inroads into the psychological realm.  Philosophy is vitally important and should, in the end, tie all other fields of human endeavor together.  As the author of this blog, it is within my admittedly superficial understanding that science has been taking a rather "mystical" road as of late, throwing reason aside in favor of whims.  If mankind is to have a future, it is the philosophers who must prevent reason from being over-taken by the irrational.  For it is philosophy, above all, which should accept no false premises.
It is this author's hope that reason wins the day.

Rest in peace, sir.


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