Jan 18, 2014

Reality Check

Individuals cannot escape reality. Regardless of the numerous means devised over the centuries to escape reality individuals will always discover, one way or the other, that evasion of the circumstances of life and existence will not be beneficial.  Most people acknowledge this is true but then go on allowing themselves their small irrational indulgences which lead them astray.  It is abundantly clear, through the long march of history, that it cannot be escaped.  And just in case some are wondering why they can't have it a little bit of both ways--I know of no psychologist worth his salt who tells his patients that avoiding that which troubles them is going to be of help.  

For this reason, as a free people we never should have allowed our political leaders to devise methods for themselves in which they become treated better, apart and separate, from the rest of us. Just because someone is a politician doesn't make them any better or any wiser than any other person--especially if they hold a philosophy of governance which includes the subjugation of some at the expense of others. Politicians cannot escape reality any more than any other citizen--and they should not be allowed to devise the means by which they are protected from the consequences of their own policies. What do I mean by this:

When our political leaders fail to deal with terrorist governments properly, from a non-sacrificial perspective, and some savage mystic gets his hands on a nuclear device--who do you think is going to feel the pain of a nuclear bomb being lobbed onto our shores? It won't be the politicians--they have bunkers for them and their families at their disposal. It will be "We the People" who get the brunt of the attack. The nonsense uttered that we "have to have a government intact" to protect our security interests in a situation like that is just that--nonsense. If we are attacked with a nuclear weapon, let me assure you, saving the government is going to be the last thing on any one's minds. If politicians have acted irrationally, in ways which depart from reality, they should bear the brunt of the consequences just like anyone else would.

Let's examine their socialist health care policies: we're all subjected to them but the politicians have exempted themselves from the consequences of what socialism does to any industry. They won't have to wait in long lines; they won't have the life or death of a loved one being determine by some little sneering, atavistic bureaucrat; they won't have to wait months upon months to have that cancerous tumor looked at; they won't be told "your treatment is not in the budget." No--they won't. But you will. They've already made their millions at our expense. They can, no matter how bad things get for the rest of us, still search out the best and brightest medicine has to offer...that is, of course, if the best and brightest haven't shrugged, leaving the world in a wake of ruins behind them.

Capitalism and money free people from the influence of the politician--this is why they want to control our economy--so they can control us.

But national security secrets need to be secret? Why? Why should the government be aware of anything that we the people are not allowed to be aware of? Is it perhaps so they can manipulate situations and events to their electoral advantage? So, once again they can be seen as though they're doing something--when they're really not doing anything. How would the situation in Benghazi had gone differently had the American people been allowed to know what was going on immediately rather than finding out about it afterwards? What do we have now? A situation in which both the media and the government can manufacture narratives so they can protect themselves from the consequences of their inaction. And what do "We the People" have to go off of? Their word.

And now, we will have the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, more than likely put up as a candidate for President for the Democrats--the New Communist Party of the United States. After everything we know regarding what happened, that both she and Barack Obama (I refuse to call him President) knew what was going on and they failed to do anything about it in a timely manner, not to mention the fact that they may have even manipulated the situation as such in order to allow Ambassador Stevens to be abducted so that Barack Obama, who sympathizes with our Islamic enemies, could trade him for the blind Sheik in Egypt.  No one was supposed to get killed--but, their little plan got out of hand and people ended up dead instead. How many Americans, even now, are aware of that particular nuance of this story? You would still have people in this country who would vote to put this evil woman into political office. She should be tried along with so many others in this administration: executive orders being signed while overriding the authority of Congress, changing laws that have been passed with the stroke of a pen to favor special interest groups; using our Ambassador in Benghazi like a pawn so they could, with plausibility, release the blind Sheik as a trade with our enemies without looking like they were sympathizing with Al Qaeda.

It's insulting, absurd, and as close to being the most asinine thing we've ever witnessed in this country since its founding.

Just as reality cannot be evaded the people of a country should not be protected by walls which their leaders are allowed to erect between them and us. It does the citizens of a country no good to be "protected" from knowledge which directly affects their lives. Reality has to be dealt with one way or the other. We tell our children lies about a magical man who brings them gifts at Christmas or a ghost in the sky who will "answer their prayers"--it does nothing but set them up in situations in which they have to be disabused of those mystical notions later in life--some are never disabused of these psychological damaging notions and fight to the death to be able to keep themselves mired in them, wasting even more precious time; they have to re-learn that their lives cannot be changed by wishing or praying it into existence. It sucks when you have to learn a lesson the hard way--it sucks even more when you have to learn it the hard way because of something someone else did to you. They end up having to learn that the reality of their situation dictates only they can change their life with conscious intention--not with false wish fulfillment. Telling people lies, whether children or adults, is damaging psychologically and it screws them up in incalculable ways...especially when you try to then, contradictorily, tell them that lying either to themselves or others is something to be avoided. Why should they believe anyone who says this? Is it any wonder that children, and even adults walking around now are unable to figure out what relationship morality has to their lives, their situation and their dealings with others? Is it any wonder that they discard morality into the trash heap that is subjectivist non-sense, that morality serves no purpose for them? That we have so many running around who don't know what integrity entails? One's ability to have integrity is damaged when they've been set up from the beginning of life when they were one year old with the notion that lying and avoiding reality is beneficial.

The mystics among us cry, "But you're robbing children of the magic of childhood, of being a child! That's a terrible thing to do. They should be 'innocent' for as long as possible."

Innocent of what? Innocent of the knowledge we lied to them when they were young but when they grow up they can't wish things into existence? That achievement of life and goals requires conscious intention? Innocent of being able to discern through the use of their own mind when someone is committing an evil against them? Innocent of not being able to tell the difference, morally, between an initiator of force and a defender of life? What does "protecting their innocence" mean? What it means, and this is what everyone who promotes mysticism wants to evade, is that they are being told that they are incapable of being able to deal with reality, that their mind and reason are impotent, and that the only way to deal with existence is by donning the robes of deception and cheating their way through life--or at the very least, doing as little as possible.

Who's really promoting the evil here?

Those of you who do this are robbing them of their ability to know their own mind, it's relationship to reality, and discovering that reality can only be dealt with on its own terms. How much damage is done by the time they realize they spent the first decade of their life being shielded from reality?  But then, as they grow older they discover life has to be achieved by interacting with a universe that will not give them what they wish for. All of a sudden they're left helpless without a mind that is capable of being used to achieve their life?  Their mind has been twisted, used, and thrown out like a dirty dish-rag; their mind is lying there in the gutter waiting to be picked up by the first person with evil intentions who comes along--promising them a relationship in which they become the only thing that one with a mind like that can become to someone with evil intentions--a victim. 

Well, the same thing is true when we have leaders who are allowed to tell us lies or withhold secrets ostensibly "for our own good."

The good cannot be achieved by promoting lies or avoiding reality. Man's mind is his means of dealing with the world. It's very easy for people to forget where all of the miracles that mankind has achieved came from.  They believe that we will always enjoy the things man's mind has brought into existence. That's not the case. Nothing is guaranteed and nothing can remain which is not consciously sought after with reason as the guide. When you sever the relationship of man's mind to reality, you sever his ability to deal with his life in a rationally self-interested way guided by his mind, learning to think conceptually, being able to project goals into the future and achieve them.

It's a tough thing to learn when you discover magic and wishing cannot save you and how many years of precious time did you waste because you were told that was all that was necessary?  Look at the state of our country, a country once envied for its achievements made because men were allowed to finally be freed from the unwanted influence of their neighbors or their government. Look at the mess we have become. Why? Because too many people in this country have allowed themselves to believe that reality doesn't matter and wishing, without strategy, is how life is achieved.

Well, I've got news for everyone--reality can only be evaded for so long before the entire mythical construct that everyone has allowed themselves to believe in comes crashing down on every one's head. It doesn't take a genius to know these things--it just takes a thinker.


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